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Thread: My wads won't install and/or transfer from SD card.

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    Us My wads won't install and/or transfer from SD card.

    I'm running a 3.3U with The (latest) Homebrew Channel. My wads used to install with no problems. I used a WAD Manager Enhanced, Version 1.4, by Waninkoko-Wiininja-Sorg. Can anyone help me please? I just want them to install again by the time MegaMan 10 is released.

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    What have you changed?

    What sort of error do you get?

    Have you tried a different SD card? Formatting the SD card?

    Do you have the wads in the correct location?

    Do you have sufficient space on your Wii NAND for the wad to install?

    Probably would have been easier to provide more information in your post, that way we wouldn't have to think of everything for you.
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    Wow, I feel stupid now. I just got it to work by redownloading the wad file. Turns out it was displaying it but the file wasn't actually there. Thanks anyways.

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