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Thread: Right... Where do I start?

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    Right... Where do I start?

    Greetings WiiHacks!

    As you can probably tell, I am a n00b.

    I have been scouring this website trying to find an absolutely idiot-proof way of hacking a Wii, and so far, have been unsuccessful. You see, to a n00b like me, most of the steps are ill-explained, confusing, contradictory, or a combination of these things.

    It's not as if I couldn't give it a go with the information available; don't get me wrong, this website is the most useful on the web, but after a disasterous attempt at hacking my PSP, i'm kinda concerned.

    Now, to the point. I have a first generation European Wii (I got it at launch) which has a 3.2 firware. I have a Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB Ultra external hard drive (which I believe is compatible), and I have a 2GB Sandisk micro SD card with adapter. Using these, I am led to believe, I can back up Wii games onto the hard drive (or even ISOs from the internet?) and play them at increased read speeds.

    My question is... Where do I start?

    I'm sure you are more than willing to reply "Use the search facility!" or "Re-read the New 3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial!", but at the end of the day, none of it makes sense to me!

    Can you help me WiiHacks? Your assistance is very much appreciated!

    (n00b extrodinare)

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    read the guide, if you dont understand it, you shouldnt even be thinking about hacking your wii.

    The guide is perfectly clear and understandable.

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