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Thread: update 3.4e to 4.1 problem

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    Question update 3.4e to 4.1 problem

    Im trying på update my wii from 3.4e to 4.1.
    I have a modchip installed but no idea of witch one(bought it used). The only information I have is: sw v. 1.0 / fpga v.1.0 witch I got from the drivekey menu.
    I have Homebrew installed.
    I trying to use this guide: .

    When I try to install "cIOS249 rev17" from Homebrew I get this info: error! (ret = -1 )

    Can anyone tell me, what Im doing wrong?

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    Ok you were warned to stop posting the same message all over the forum. That's 4 times you've posted the exact same message.

    28 Days Reading Room, no posting on forum.

    Not so mrniceguy it seems.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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