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Thread: Genesis Plus GX Controller Issue

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    Genesis Plus GX Controller Issue

    My classic controller is not working properly in the genesis emulator. It works with fce and snes9x. The problem isn't with the buttons, as they work fine, but the directional pad and analog stick aren't read at all. What is really confusing to me is that it works in the menu but not in the game. Hoping someone has a fix and it's much appreciated. I did try reinstalling the program through the browser but that didn't work. I'm fairly new to all of this so hopefully it is something simple.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Confirmed. I've the same issue. Classic controller doesn't seem to work properly.

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    Let me guess...It's a 3rd party or some $4 Chinese knock off? There are a lot of problems with non-official controllers and the Wii emulators. I can confirm that the official Nintendo brand classic controller works with all emulators that support it.
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    +1 mine works fine.

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    I have an original Sega Gensis controller (G-Tron 4in1 port) and it's really weird. On one controller, 3 buttons on the directional pad work - the fourth does not. On the second controller, the directional pad doesn't work at all, but the 3 face buttons work.

    Both controllers have been tested with a Sega Genesis and work perfectly.

    But here's the kicker, using the same port, my SNES controllers work perfectly with the Genesis emulator. WTF? lol


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