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Thread: USB Loader GX/Partition

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    USB Loader GX/Partition

    Hope this the correct place and explaining this right
    this my problem someone did my softmod for me everything went well i guess,i suppose to be able to play copy dvd but i burn some it don't read them i'm thinking i have the new drive in my wii because we just got it.ok that said i also have USB Loader GX on my wii i haven't tested because i just bought a usb seagate portable external 500 hard driver that i don't no how to formatt,sorry but i'm just a newbie with the game thing,but i do want to learn to help other,i been around warez and dss scene but this i got to learn.can someone try to point me in the correct direction.thanks for any help

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    A good place to start is the newbie thread here:

    Formatting your HDD:

    You can check your serial to see what drive chip your have here: Wii Drive Chip Database

    And some punctuation will make your posts a little easier to read. Not a dig at you, it really does help.
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