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Thread: noob question but better look foolish than be sorry

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    Ca noob question but better look foolish than be sorry

    I have a new system and installed d2pro9 v2 in it ... refused the system update so far... I have backed up several new games but when I put in a few of the back-ups I get an update message while others work flawlessly... I also noticed my system is at 3.1u...

    If I take the system update will this mess up my mod chip or Wii??
    should I take out the mod chip and then update and put back in?? and will the individual game updates do anything "bad" like bricking my wii.. although they are all NTSC versions...


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    There is no such thing as a foolish question

    It is safe to update from a game as long as the game is the same region as your wii. What I recommend is that before you burn iso, use wiu1.1 to remove the update from the game (if one is there) and at the same time do a region patch, although region patch is not necessary but doesn't hurt. Then only update from the Wii System settings. If you are at all interested in the Homebrew channel and have not installed it yet, the I suggest you install that using the DVD iso method before updating the Wii to 3.3 otherwise you have to use the TP Hack method process.

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    thanks for the reply... I installed the homebrew iso... went to do the system update and got an error 32002 I wonder if this is connection based error or is it another issue? but I feel better now knowing if I update my system from the discs it won't be bricked... thanks


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