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Thread: i dont know want the things i intsalled mean and i want priiloader

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    Ca i dont know want the things i intsalled mean and i want priiloader

    bootmii as boot2 and installed as an ios

    serial number LU572374776
    have a nand backup
    DVdX installed
    and of course homebrew
    No0b Followed a YOUtube guide

    FAIL YOUTUBE VIDEO REMOVED AGAIN Seriously posting links to guides can seem like it's being promoted, so STOP doing it.

    pirate wii ware and Vc

    Neogamma r7
    wiigator 0.3
    wad manager 1.5

    I uninstalled ios 249 with wad manager 1.4 i used bootmii to get to it
    then i used custom ios installer and did not reload the ios and did the wad installation and i used bootmii to get to it and the wad that i intsaled was IOS38-64-v3610.wad i believe
    installed neogamma with wad manager 1.4 i used hombrewapp to get to it

    Thats all i know but i wnt to know how to get priiloader

    AND IM not retarted i know no not to trust youtube
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    Did you not post this somewhere else already? There are guides in the tutorials section to instal priiloader. Check there or do a search.

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    It's about time to stop making this meaningless post over and over. If someone were inclined to and able to help, they would have. Noonne wants to watch this silly youtube video and analyze a process that you decided to undergo knowing there would be no technical support of.

    Do not ask again, if someone decides to help they will. You are not the first person to come here with this kind of problem an certainly won't be the last.

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    You really didn't need to go posting that Youtube video again, did you? I've already removed it from about a million of your posts.

    Search Wiibrew for Priiloader. There's a guide on Wiihacks by WiiJohn on how to install it.

    Not only are you silly for following an unsupported guide you seem to be a little fail when it comes to searching too.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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