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Thread: Quick Fix for Rockband Instruments

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    Quick Fix for Rockband Instruments

    This tutorial is for those people who have a backup of Rockband 2 and can't get the instruments to work. Trekstar has made an excellent guide on how to do it here but it only works on 3.2
    If you have this all installed on 3.2 and the drums work, When you upgrade to 4.0 through the homebrew update thats floating around, Then the drums WILL NO LONGER WORK!!!!!!!!
    If you want something more simple or have something later than 3.2, you can use my method. I found it less complicated and easier if you already have USB Loader GX, like i did.

    EDIT: I do not recommend this if you plan on using DLC. If that's the case, you're better off going the long way and installing cIOS37with r7 DIP in cIOS222 instead of using Hermes' cIOS222. Google multicios installer, you'll find instructions.


    To start, make sure you have Hermes' cIOS 222 installed (an excellent guide here)

    If you don't have USB Loader GX, you should get it before doing this fix.
    (ShadowSonic2's guide offers a good tutorial, it's available as a .wad file)


    1. Plug in a WBFS formatted drive in the correct USB drive (to get to the loader)

    2. If you are running the RB2 backup from the USB, click it ONCE. Otherwise, locate the disc icon in the upper right-hand corner (where you can set the options to sort your games) This will load whatever is in your disc drive. (Your burned RB2)

    3. You should see a spinning disk on your screen. Click on "Settings"

    4. Click "Game Load"

    5. Change the IOS to use to "IOS 222" (Option only available if it is installed)

    6. Make sure you have an SD card inserted, then select "Save"

    7. Return to the screen with spinning disk, and click on the disk.

    8. Your game should now load under IOS222, and if you installed Hermes' cIOS properly, your instruments should work.

    The theory here is that USB Loader let you choose what IOS to run a game with. If you have IOS222 which is designed to run backups that utilize the USB in-game, you can load your backup from the disc and force it under IOS222 (something Neogamma can't do yet).

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    hey, maybe a terrible question here, but I installed homebrew and USB loader etc for my brother's wii, but he never uses any of the homebrew / backup games.

    The only thing he plays on wii is guitar hero. Yesterday we bought him Rockband Beatles and the game wont even start, it just goes to a black screen and then exits and reboots.

    If there's an easy fix that will allow him to play this I'm all ears, otherwise, is there a way to reset the wii back to original settings without homebrew that will allow him to just play his games as normal?

    Apologies if this is a dull question!


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