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Thread: Did you get components cable for your wii?

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    Did you get components cable for your wii?

    Just wondering.. i dont know if i should get expensive or cheap ones..

    I don't want to harm my hdtv.. any tips?

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    Get them since you have an HDTV, it's worth it if you can take advantage of the progressive scan. The cheapo ones on ebay should be fine.
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    I bought the Nintendo cables...then again, it was on the release date so there were no other options!

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    Even if you don't have an HD-TV it makes a difference. If your TV has component input I sugest you get them. 780i is default tv resolution(non-HD) and the wii supports 780i with or without component cables. The component cables just send a higher quality image; it's less blurry and more clear.

    There is a downside though. Some Homebrew don't work with them.

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    Correction wii supports upto 480p.

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    I just got the cable and tested it out on my 40" 1080p 120Hz TV.. i don't see more details than before, but everything is brighter..

    Worth 10$ i guess.

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    I was thinking about asking this same question but looks like you took care of all the work lol

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    Bought from Nintendo Online Store the day they released. Been great so far!

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    I bought the Nintendo Component Video Cables and I noticed a difference from the RCA cables. My TV is a Mitsubishi 65 inch widescreen projection from 2002.


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