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Thread: Usb loader gx icon error but games works!!! (new problem)

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    Cool Usb loader gx icon error but games works!!! (new problem)


    OK, I have a soft-modded Wii on version 4.1E, and it's PAL.

    I have recently got back in to playing my Wii, after softmodding it a while back now...(softmodded from a guide on this site)

    I found out about using Usb Loader GX to play games and have got that up and running....

    Now to fill up my Maxtor 500Gb HDD!!!


    I have downloaded a torrent for Big Brain Academy and unrared it and used WBFS v3.0 to install it to my HDD...

    I boot up the wii..... then select USB LOADER GX then start....

    usb loader GX opens and automatically shows the 'list' view of games

    I currently have 20 games on there...

    when i move the wii hand cursor over Big Brain Academy in the list view my wii will crash and show something like this:


    exception (DSI) occurred!

    GPR00 .....

    stack dump
    Blah Blah blah

    Code dump

    Blah blah blah

    reloading in 5 seconds

    BLAH BLAH BLAH is numbers etc...(hurts my eyes!!)

    nothing happens it will just stick on this screen....

    the wierd thing is that this game works if i click on another game on the list view and click left or right to get to big brain academy disc image (where the disc spins and you click start) it will load??

    how can the list view not work but the game does when accessed from another game view?

    luckily enough i have mortal kombat armageddon installed and saved as armageddon other wise this error would keep happening when starting my usb loader gx channel...

    any help to fix this would be great

    (could this have anything to do with the album artwork??)

    is there a way to manually put artwork etc on ur sd card?? can some1 direct me to a great walkthru??

    Thanks in advance for any help given...

    hope that all makes sense!!!

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    Yes it could have to do with corrupt artwork. I assume you downloaded them from your wii. Its very easy to manually download them. Go hereWiiTDB - Nintendo Wii games database | Home and search for the covers you want. Save them to your PC then transfer them over to your SD card where your covers and disk art are kept.

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    yes altho i did read about adding them on a site and copied them to sd card in folder USBLOADER GX ->covers... do i just stick all .png files in the covers folder??
    or do they need to go in named folders within the covers folder?

    i will give this a go and update this thread asap


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    You can put them wherever you want, and in the settings of USB loader GX you can choose CUSTOM PATHS and than select the folder where you copied the covers over. I put all mine in a folder called Images on the root of the SD. Within the images folder I have a folder for the disk art and another folder for the box covers. hope this helps.

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    ok now i have made it so that usb loader will not load and go straight to the error page...

    think i changed the view of games now its automatically restarting on an artwork that fails...

    can i delete covers folder on SD card and make a new folder without artwork and start again? and hope this solves the problem..?

    if i download all files directly from wii, this shouldnt happen again or is it best to manually do it??

    in usb loader:
    the disc images and 3d covers and normal covers are these used in the different views? which cover image are related to which view??

    seems crazy that artwork can crash usb loader....

    think its gonna be another late nite....

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    Yes just delete all the cover images on your SD card and see if GX will load. If not you could have a different problem. I dont use GX anymore as I find it buggy. If your interested in a different loader(if removing the covers won't solve your problem) then configurable USB loader and Wiiflow run well if you want to check those out.

    Alot of people download the covers through the wii but others prefer to do it manually. Whatever works for you. I personally just download them on my PC and copy them over to my SD.

    disc images = when you click the game it brings up a spinning disk. Disk images are displayed here.

    3d covers = 3d version of the box the game comes in when purchased.

    Normal covers = 2d pictures of the game box.

    let me know if that works.

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    I put SD card in comp... i had alreadly got a folder called IMAGES in the root of the SD as well as the folder i created USBLOAD GX -> COVERS

    Some of the Artwork was in COVERS folder while most was in IMAGES folder. I delete .png in COVERS.

    i then checked all artwork in IMAGES deleting BIG BRAIN ACADEMY as the picture was only half loaded/downloaded....

    i am currently back in usb loader (working) and going to try update the images...

    my wii seems to be stuck on downloading certain images... such as RYWP01.png

    does the wii use normal covers if 3d covers are not availible?

    is it a case of doin a bit of searching on and finding the correct images n installing them on to SD card?

    not such a late nite... unless i get involved with playing and leave the tinkering!

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    No problem, just click the thanks button at the bottom corner of the post if you want to say thanks.

    Glad to hear that solved your problems. When downloading them through the wii sometimes they don't download all the way and it leads to the problem you were having. This is why I just use the search on and right click and save the images to my comp. Then drag and drop or copy them over. I have never had any problems with half images or corrupted files when doing it this way. You can also find some large packs that have alot of the covers in them and download them all if you want.

    It will use 3d and 2d covers for different display modes. Not to sure about GX because I don't use it anymore. Configurable USB loader will display the back of the box as well in certain display/flow modes.

    Edit: Heres some info about USB loader GX as well as some cover pack downloads.
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    KRANK, I clicked all the thanks buttons on this page, hope u get the message! :-)

    I now have no files missing... Full artwork!!..............yay!

    What a result!

    Yeah i think I will download Artwork on the PC, takes 5mins longer but isn't going to mess up USB LOADER GX..

    Thanks i will check that out. I think i will give GX one more 1UP before i risk messing around with more stuff...

    The Wii has proved itself many times over in the last day... failing included!

    All i need is a massive bunch of games now!!

    Am i right in thinking that you can download the whole game cover (= back and front) from
    can that be displayed in GX?

    almost time for another thread/topic!!
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    Haha you can just click "thanks" once after the issue has been resolved but either way.

    You can get both the front and back cover for most games on Wiitbd however I don't think USB loader GX has the option to display the back covers. I am not 100% sure as I dont use it anymore. Configurable USB loader has this option. If you have somthing that works and your happy with it than theres not much reason to switch but its up to you of course.


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