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Thread: problems with code downloader?

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    problems with code downloader?

    im new and i dont even know if this is in the right section (if not could someone tell me where to post it). anyway i was at my mates house and he was using code downloader so i downloaded it. i can get on it fine but once i have selected a game it says downloading and then removing header and just stays on that screen. i've made sure im in range of internet,my S.D cards in,i have put the game in while it does it i have deleted it and re downloaded and i've tried it on diffrent games. if anyone knows whats wrong i would appriciate it.

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    Yeah it should reboot after saying that, where did you get code downloader from? I use one I got from wiibrew. Along with cheat manager it works perfect.
    Is you sd card ok? Formatted to FAT32 and has space?

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    i got it off the homebrew channel whats wiibrew???

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    i tried downloading it from wiibrew but it did the same am i supposed to have anything in my txtcodes file or should it be empty?


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