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Thread: Chatroom/shout box

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    Chatroom/shout box

    We should have a chat room or shoutbox type deally so members can talk live, yah?
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    Hmm.. I think that would be an awesome idea since forums usually have some kind of delay and it can be difficult to start some conversations..

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    Yes. That would be a good idea.

    I've tried out many shoutboxes, and the best one is Cbox.

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    we were talking about doing an IRC channel, I think that would be the best thing. Fatal was going to get that set up... let's all bug him to hurry

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    Yeah but tell then try my cbox:Cbox

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    that whould be 1337

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    Any updates on this idea. Shout Box or IRC would be great. Shout Box would be preferred as not everyone is familar with using IRC.
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    love this idea
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    The shout box will draw away from topic posting. Therefore drying these forums like a grape(now a rasin).

    How about like a Shoutbox on the main page ONLY, insted of inside the forums?

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    It should be worth a try... let me look into it. on a trial basis then we can have a poll or something to see how people like it..


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