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Thread: to upgrade to 4.2 or not

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    Question to upgrade to 4.2 or not

    Hi all,

    I have searched the forums and nothing quite answers the questions I have. I have a Wii with the drivekey installed and running 3.4E.

    So apologies for the questions below if they have been answered I just havent been able to find them. So here goes:

    In order to browse the internet do I need to update to the latest version, when I browse to the shopping channel it asks me to update to the latest version. Or can I load a browser some other way and keep at the current firmware level.

    If I update do I need to disable the drivekey first in order to update via the internet.

    Should I update to a later version as I read in the forum somewhere that their is better functionality in 4.1+ i.e. SD support etc

    I also read that if I update to 4.2 then I won't be able to play imports which is not a problem to be honest.

    So if I update to 4.2 can I just use the guide in the guide section to softmod 4.2 if I am not worried about imports or is there something else I need to think about

    If I don't update and have no access to shopping channel can I still play my games online. I have already got the wii connected to my wireless network and tested successfully.

    Final question honestly Since I have the drivekey is their anything different I need to do in order to also softmod it I think playing the games of hdd would be really good. Or do I have to remove the drivekey before I can softmod it.

    Sorry for all the rambling questions I just don't want to do anything until I have had some advice from the people that know

    Thanks in advance.

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    The thread entitled Don't update to 4.2 should be a massive clue.

    4.2 is a anti-homebrew, anti-modchip update released by Nintendo with NO features of any use. Updating to 4.2 will remove your drivekey's foreign region capability. Upgrading to 4.2 makes softmodding much harder.

    Don't do it.

    Internet and Shopping channels can be installed to your Wii manually by wad once you are softmodded.

    Playing games online is not System Menu dependent. Loads of people still use 3.2 and play online.

    Leave the modchip in, it's useful for Gamecube backup games.

    Follow Dogeggs 3.1-4.1 softmod guide, find it in Tutorials. Be happy. Stay away from 4.2, it's not worth the hassle at the moment and probably never will be.
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    Thanks Tealc I had seen that but my concern was how to get the Internet browsing and things without updating but since you can install them separately that answered my questions again a big thank you.


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