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Thread: need help loading games off usb loader gx

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    need help loading games off usb loader gx

    Hello , i am totally frustrated trying to get my games to load from my usb flash drive. i couldn't find it on the compatibility chart but it is being recognized and even uploaded games from wii to usb no problem but even that wont load just goes to black screen and must restart. i have read all the tips from other posts with same problem but cant seem to get it to work. ive installed ios 222 35 55 and so on all the ones that were suggested. all the games work off disc .One thing im not sure is that i have not partitioned the drive because i use all the flash for games. hope someone could help cause all the other problems were fixed with great help from you guys.


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    Black screen can mean a couple of things.

    1) Missing IOS. Check list and ensure you have installed it using Signcheck (google it)

    2) Bad ISO - Sometimes the ISOs we download are faulty, although I've yet to find one that didn't work some have had issues.

    Other possible issues could be compatibility with USB device, although this would normally break down before game load.
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