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Thread: Please help, softmod.

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    Please help, softmod.


    Sorry if my questions have already been answered, I have spent hours reading guides and such, and i'm a bit confused.

    So, I am trying to softmod my Wii (3.2).
    Now I just want to know what's left to do.
    I want to play burned games on my Wii. Preferably burned, and not on an USB device.

    I started out by downloading a bunch och files on my SD-card.
    So what I have done is installed the Hombrew Channel, DVDx, Bootmii, the boot2 thingy. I also did a NAND-backup.
    What's next? Am I good to go...?
    I don't have an internetconnection to my Wii.

    I acctually did fallow a guide, but I guess, since it didn't come from here, it was no good. There was no 'apps' folder or nothing like that. But I put one in, so i've got that.


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    welcome to wiihacks

    Follow this guide and stick with this site its the best
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    I read through that guide, but I can't really do step 3.
    I don't have the IOS36 as an option.
    What to do?

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    Uhm, okey... I read that I need to use a Backup Launcher to play my burned games? Is that right?
    Do I still need do all the steps in the guide?
    I'm a bit confused about the Trucha bug. I read that it is in fact Not needed for the 3,2 version?

    Waah. I just wanna play burned games, dammit.
    Maybe I should just make my Wii a virgin again and forget that idea...

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    If you are on 3.2 simply jump to last step in part 3, install cIOS using any available IOS.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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