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Thread: Is IOS254 the BootMii IOS?

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    Is IOS254 the BootMii IOS?

    Is IOS254 the BootMii IOS? I ask because in earlier models, the IOS254 is not there, but in newer ones it is. I was wondering if I am correct. Also, if it is the BootMii IOS, could it be recoded, deleted, or otherwise changed to allow newer models to allow BootMii/Boot2? Just a curiosity.

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    Yes, IOS254 is currently where Bootmii/IOS gets installed to. It can be put on any model, you just probably don't see it on earlier models which have Bootmii/boot2 installed because there's no reason to have it. The answer to the latter is no. Earlier models have a vulnerability in the boot1 sector which allows for Bootmii to install in boot2. This was patched by N in models after or around the summer of '08 and no workaround exists.
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