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Thread: New Discs Give Read Error

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    New Discs Give Read Error

    I have a Wii purchased around May 2008 with a Wasabi chip (not sure of the model) installed. I have been having problems with a lot of games I burn off to DVD-R's giving disc read error's so I followed one of the excellent tutorials on here to softmod the wii, using the homebrew channel and neogamma I managed to get NSMB to work by forcing English and NTSC but many of the others still don't work. Any ideas?

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    Could be that you dont have the correct IOS the games need to run. Post some more info about your system and maybe someone can help you.

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    I'm a bit of a newbie to this, which information specifically do you want and how can I find it?

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    Bump, no-one have any ideas?


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