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    Ca Noob Questions

    Hi Everyone, completely new to the whole modding scene, as a heavy gamer who owns a 360,ps3 and wii, i know i have easily spent prolly close to 3k on games through the years, and if i can save myself some money why not.

    just a couple of questions that i cant seem to find in any of the threads, been searching for about 20 min now,

    1. I have a huge selections of about 30 games that i have purchased if i mod my wii, will these games still be playable?

    2. Are there mods for specific model numbers?, my will is a couple years old now, my wii model RVL-001 SERIAL- LU52147276(8) with update 4.2u

    3. if modded i know not to update using the wii update and i have to turn off wiiconect24, but how often are updated required for the mods? and if you have to update the mods, will i lose any current game progress or stats.

    4. who loves the archery on wii sports resort??/

    thanks in advance to people who help me out.

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    1. Yes

    2.Specific mods for system menu versions. You would follow the 4.2 guide.

    3. You dont need to update your system menu once you mod it. You are already at 4.2 which is the latest update. You can safely update the homebrew channel and other apps after you have modded.

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