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Thread: Ocarina and Cheat gode manager Safe?

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    Ocarina and Cheat gode manager Safe?

    I reall y Wanna do ssbb and Mario Kart Wii hacks Just for fun But I don't knowe if it is safe or not. I mean I have A 4.1 Wii But I don't know if it will brick... And also if it is safe I would like the link to download it thnak you for you time.

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    ive never heard of anyone bricking with them....cheat online though and you're in deep trouble....ocarina is built into neogamma and cheatmanager is available here

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    using ocarina and cheat code manager is safe. it doesnt install anything on your wii, but just modifies the codes in the game temporarily and wont brick your wii. as for a link to the games it is against the rules to post links to games here. google is your friend!

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