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    Quick Questions


    I was thinking of getting my wii chipped but have got a few questions about burning games.

    First, I heard that you need certain LG dvd drives. I was wondering what that was read the wii game or to burn it? or both?

    Also do I need a specific type of DVD or will any dvd work when burning the wii games?


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    The special LG drive is only if you wanted to rip your own games. You can burn with any DVD burner. Most people have had success with DVD-R media from Verbatim, Sony, TDK. Burn using IMGBurn at 4x speed.

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    Ok thanks.

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    Also, do I still need the LG drive for already 'backed up' games? Like its a pirated copy of the game on the DVD do I need that LG drive to get a copy of that as well?

    Or would it be possible for me to just use the 'Copy entire disc' function on Nero to backup a pirated Wii game directly onto a disc? Thanks

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    You can use Nero's dvd copy to copy any backed up dvd.


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