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Thread: anyone found solution to "unable to read disc error"?

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    anyone found solution to "unable to read disc error"?

    This seems to be a fairly common error. Just want to know did anyone find a fix to it. My disc channel was playing backup games and all of a sudden the error "Unable to read disc ...Check the wii operations manual for help troubleshooting." Any success stories on how this error can be fixed?

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    Use DVD-Rs for your backups and you won't get read errors.

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    to add to that use DVD-R of good media either Taiyo Yuden premium line from japan or Verbatim from Japan or Singapore
    also what helped me was lowering the burn speed.
    I used to get DREs with Yudens burning at 6x.
    But no longer get them burning at 2x.
    The wii is really weird with discs. I have also used sony dvd-rs and burned at 6x with absolutely no problems yet Yudens which are supposed to be better had a problem. Go figure. well anyway good luck

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    I got a lot of that error when i play a original wii game (wii sports) and then i put a backup game. I got a error.
    But if i wait 5 mnts with the wii off, the game run again...
    So i think WII dont like backup games when we play an original game first
    Sometimes i play a backup game, and i when i see that error, i eject the disk and i put again, et voilŠ...the game runs again

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    I am having the same problem with the unable to read disc with all my backups and original disc's, It wont read any of my discs????

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    Hey same prob here...i was playing need for speed for so long..and now the dvd is not reading i burn a new loaded perfectly the first time..i was a ble to play also then the same day next time...i get the same error...disc cannot be frustrating at times..only for this game i get this prob...any help plz????

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    disc error problem

    I have been told that, it's either the gears on the side or the plastic carrier for the laser that has stripped.
    In either case you can not buy the parts on their own, only a new drive.
    You are looking at around £60 for the drive.
    Not good!
    I have checked my wii lots of times and it wont play read any original games or any back ups!

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    I get the same error when I try my Mario Kart...

    Just trying to get a consensus, is your Wii standing or lying flat? I haven't played my Wii in a while and before I played my backups while it was lying flat, then when I re-setup the system, it's now standing.

    Could this be a reason why? I've burnt my DVD-Rs using the same burner, same speed but only the Mario Kart gives errors.

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    i had the same problem with Mario Kart, all i did was reburn the image and hey presto no more disc errors - did look to be the discs i was using

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    I'm having the same problem with The Conduit...but it happens just as I go through the big conduit at the subway station...
    It's played fine up till that point.
    burn't it on my LG-dual layer burner at 4x spd (lowest it will go) using memorex dvd-r discs.
    hard modded Wiikey2 with 4.0 menu.

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