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Thread: Network problems?

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    Network problems?

    Alright so i installed the homebrew channel nd now i wanna be able to ftp nd use the hombrew browser app, but when i try to use either one it says that its unable to initialize network, so if u can help me with this i wud appreciate it


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    You need to have a working WiFi connection

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    i do because when i use the internet channel it works fine

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    Are you on firmware 3.3

    If so have fun firmware 3.3 gives wireless errors and major problems

    Let me explain my issue after firmware 3.3 updated i found out that nintendo upgraded the wii's wireless to support g wireless settings good idea right wrong if you try to connect under older wireless routers the connection fails and times out.

    So like i said have fun.

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    haha ur funny lol nd thanks.

    but hey i have verizon fios so its like brand new, do u think that has to do with anything?


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