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Thread: Older WII or Newer?

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    Older WII or Newer?

    I haven't bought my WII yet but am planning to. A co-worker of mine is selling hers because she never uses it. She stood in line for 18hrs to get this WII when they first came out and she has barely used it. The other option I have is to buy a new WII. I have a few questions and am asking for opinions.

    1. Should I be worried about the use on the used WII that would cause it to wear out sooner?
    2. Is the older WII less powerfull or have less features than the new ones?
    3. Modding wise for playing backups which would be better an older WII or a newer one? I want to be able to play online if possible.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for the help and I'm so glad I found this site before buying my WII.

    P.S. She is including a bunch of games with the used WII.

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    Hi Welcome to the Wii community.

    If she hasn't used it much then I wouldn't worry about any wear. The only real difference is the Wii Drive types of the earlier Wiis and the current wiis, Hers should be DMS or D2A (just you information other type that came later are D2B, D2C, D2C2 & latest is D2E). And this only makes a difference on the Modchip that will work with the Wii. In the older wii you have choice of WiiKey, D2Pro9v2/v3 or Wasabi2/3 of the popular chips, there are many others. The newer wii will not work with WiiKey.

    So if the price is right then the older wii will be perfectly fine.

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    I'd snatch an old wii anyday. Save a bundle on the mod versus the new wiis.

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    Thanks, what about price?

    Thanks for the information guys. I am going to buy the used one based on your recommendations. She has 5 games with it. Any recommendations on what I should pay for it? I've never really priced WIIs or games so I don't know what a typical game costs. I know a couple of the games are mario and resident evil and I don't know what the rest are yet.

    Thanks in advance for the help. I'm sure I'll have more questions ones I get it and start the mod process.

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    Get the titles of the games and go to EB games or Gamestop and ask what the trade in value is and give some more money on top of it.


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