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Thread: Ntorrents lost my account....

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    Ntorrents lost my account....

    I'm new here, it looks like a good community. Anyway I signed up hoping someone could help me. I didn't go to Ntorrents for a while and they somehow lost my password. I was a member from the start and uploaded hundreds of gigs. I was wondering if someone could ask Saosin (I think thats the mod's name) to reset the password for the username miiplaywii. Or, give me an invite. If theres anything I can help you with I will and I have a few invites if you want me to invite some people.


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    You should just go to their IRC channel and find help there to recover your pw

    Main channel: #ntorrents

    NOTE: You MUST use your Ntorrent site nickname for IRC as well.

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    Im'm not familiar with IRC's but when I type that into my address bar, ( it says the site doesn't exist.

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    Oh i just googled IRC, I see how it works. Thanks for sending me on the right track and sorry for the dumb post.

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    No problem,

    If you are not familiar with IRC they have web based interface set up as well, see following steps

    Via web

    Go to Webchat

    Fill out the info box so it's the same as the image below

    Click connect, and voila!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sune_C View Post
    Ronmann, even though i haven't helped you with your problem, i'd really like an Ntorrents invite, if you have a few you could spare like you said? PM me if you want to help
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    Quote Originally Posted by e3NiNe View Post
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    Lol, thanks e3NiNe. Just saw the thread under unread posts, forgot to check the date :P

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    Pleaseee anybody could help me? My account was disabled...I dont't know why...I had 60gb upload and 45 down...I tried to open the IRC with no success, it say: Could not connect

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    I want an invite so bad.....hard to come across!

    Demonoid is my best spot for downloading atm...and it has gone downhill quick!

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    weve been having problems with people not being able to connect (i tried about a week ago with chatzilla)

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