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Thread: UPDATE: Black screen using PAL games fixed!

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    UPDATE: Black screen using PAL games fixed!

    So here was my problem!

    I was using component cables on my tv. Its not HD or nothing, but it does accept component for better picture and colours.

    I decided to try the regular video cables instead of the component, and..
    the PAL game works now!

    so PAL games on my tv will work using regular video cables, NOT component cables!

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    Thanks for that information, good to know.

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    i give it ago but i fixed also but it was my media, cheers

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    i might add in this thread as well that i bought a cable to run the wii straight into my monitor ages ago

    (Playstation 3 Ps3 Nintendo Wii Vga Monitor Cable Lead [ame= =8-1] Playstation 3 Ps3 Nintendo Wii Vga Monitor Cable Lead: Electronics & Photo[/ame])

    but as its an lcd display and therefore only uses a progreesive scan i couldnt play trauma center, some vc games and the demos from the extras in ssbb as they run in interlaced mode, needless to say, i got a vga switch box that took standard video cables and solved the problem


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