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Thread: usb loader gx problem

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    Question usb loader gx problem

    Hi guys, im kind of new here and im having a problem with my usb loader gx, it was working fine until today, and the only thing that i did was install the homebrew browser on my wii, and then is not working , i uninstall the usb loader and install it again and im still having the same problem, if anyone can give me advise i wiil appreciate it a lot, thanks for your help, the usb loader does not load, it tries but instead go back to the wii menu

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    Full channel? Forwarder? Sd card in with boot.dol in correct place?

    Return to menu suggests that the application can't find it's boot.dol.

    When I forget to have my SD card in the Wii mine does exactly the same thing.
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    thanks for your help, i just fix my problem, it was the artcover, i had some incomplete game covers and that was causing the system to crash, thanks again


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