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Thread: SoftCorp 1.0? Did it ever work?

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    SoftCorp 1.0? Did it ever work?

    SoftCorp 1.0 was supposedly released around April of 2009. It was supposed to be a legal version of cIOSCorp, that downloads the IOS' on the fly and patches them. SoftMii has since closed down, and I believe they had SoftCorp 1.0 floating around the net.

    Did it ever work? Was it ever stable? Was it near as good as cIOSCorp? Was it as good or better than cIOSCorp?

    cIOSCorp hasn't seen a release in quite a while, and something such as SoftCorp could completely erase the need to update cIOSCorp as it would simply patch the latest IOS'.

    There also appears to be another similar project called scioscore, found here. There's some code here. It never saw a release, but there is some console output pasted here.
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    Apparently there exists "Online Installer cIOSCorp" that works.

    Now is it possible to have one that works with the latest IOS'?


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