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Thread: Is it possible...

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    Is it possible...

    Hey, I have the homebrew channel and installed DVDx. Since now you can play DVDs without a modchip, can you play backups? Has anyone tried?

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    No, currently you cannot play backups without Modchip.

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    that will take a long time to make a code for

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    No you can't.

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    Hey you can run ssbb backup on wii without a chip...

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    That has to be a lie! its not possible to play back ups without a modchi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisChown View Post
    Hey you can run ssbb backup on wii without a chip...

    just like wikipedia, you have to filter out the crap as you read/watch. if that was really possible this forum would be going nuts!

    reading backups is only possible by modifying the hardware with our special chips and shiny leds

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    I thought most people would know on this site that Homebrew and what not is just a software app. that lets you import 3rd party creations. While a modchip makes it so the Wii can read backups, and other fun things. To read back ups you need to cahgne the hardware not the software. Get a mod chip to play your backup ISO files. By the way I have had to answer this queston so many times, I might make another thread or sticky about it lol.


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