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Thread: Playing NTSC Rockband in UK - help req'd

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    Playing NTSC Rockband in UK - help req'd

    Hi All,
    I'm new here and have stumbled across this site which appears to have a wealth of information and some very knowledgable folks.

    So I arrived back from the United States earlier today with Rockband tucked under my arm for the kids to play. The guy in Best Buy promised me it would work in the UK, I even asked him if there was any region protection on the game (he said no).

    So I get the game back home, and as you can guess, it won't read the disk.
    My Wii has no h/w mods done to it and I don't have the homebrew channel (not sure what it is really...). I've read about Freeloader and it sounds like this is what I need to use. The firmware version is 3.1e.

    My questions are...
    Is it possible for me to get this game running, or do I need to put it on ebay?

    What do I need to do? Freeloader sounds fairly easy, but I've read in a varitey of places that Freeloader doesn't work on 3.3 systems and that when running Rockband and upgrade to 3.3 occurs wether you like it or not.

    All help is appreciated loads and you can sleep easier knowing that you've cheered a couple of kids up!

    Once again, thanks for reading!

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    Hey there, welcome to this great Wii community, great to have you on board.

    You have quite a predicament. You could purchase FreeLoader (Pal Version) but as you said about the 3.3 forced update, which in itself is dangerous as it will brick your wii since the game is NTSC-U and free loader not working with 3.3 anyway so this goes out the window. So here is what I believe you will need to do:

    0) Do not update your wii to 3.3E ...yet
    1) Install Homebrew channel using this guide ->
    2) Get GeckOS from here -> USB Gecko - file downloads you may also want to readup on how its used in their forums/faq
    3) Update Wii to 3.3E from your Wii System menu (Not from game)
    4) Use load GeckoOS within Homebrew channel and load your Rockband game
    5) Accept hugs and kisses from kids

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    Hi JBloggs,
    Thanks for your quick reply. Sadly I don't have Zelda Twilight Princess, which appears is a necessity.

    The other thing I did was to call EA Games and they said that it was basically mis-sold by Best Buy. However, they did say that there would be no problem swapping that region1 disk with them for the UK version - when it comes out. After asking when its going to be available here, she replied 'there is no set release date for the UK yet'. It sounds from further discussions that it will be coming to the UK though and that the h/w that I already have will be compatible with the UK disk.

    So anybody heard when it's going to be available in the UK on the Wii? I notice on you can pre-order it. I looked earlier today and it said 12SEpt, now it says OCtober 1st! I don't know whats going there...

    What we need is an EA insider... !

    Anyway, thanks for all your help.

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    Well, if you get Twilight Princess, you'll be able to get Rock Band working faster than waiting for it to come out to the UK, and you'll also have yourself an AMAZING game


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