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Thread: wii playing dvd movies

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    wii playing dvd movies

    is there a program to put on your wii so you can play dvd movies on it

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    You dont need any programs if you use this: Wii Video 9 - Wii Video Converter

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    There's a player for Homebrew, just look it up in the Homebrew browser under multimedia.
    You have to also have DivX installed. Usually that's done when you install Homebrew.

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    This is your best bet and i love this install the homebrew channel if you can the load MPlayer it should come with it in some packs of the homebrew channel and then put movies on your sd card or a usb drive and plug it in a and then play it i got 203 movies on my 500gig hard drive lol its awsome and while im at it dose anybody know a good torrent for the transformers movie all the ones i got look blurry and the rateings are good but some good comments idk why but its a really bad copy just cant find a good copy of that movie anyway enjoy if you can get it working

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    the Homebrew media player will also play movies off DVD, no problems
    What I like is that you can use the Nunchuck controller to size & fit the image to the screen.

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    If your Wii has a D3-2 drive in it, your wii will only read retail Wii discs, no backups of any sort including movies, Wii or Game Cube backups.

    The traditional way to play movies on the Wii is with homebrew apps, there are a few different apps but I use MPlayer CE. Also make sure you have IOS202 installed, that's the IOS that MPlayer uses, you can find that cIOS installer at WiiBrew. Look here for specifics - MPlayer CE - WiiBrew
    Dogeggs has also posted a little guide in the homebrew section.

    Quote Originally Posted by wiimaster4eva View Post
    You dont need any programs if you use this: Wii Video 9 - Wii Video Converter
    What is that, does it work on an unmodded Wii?


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