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Thread: Drivekey V2, NSMB Probs

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    Question Drivekey V2, NSMB Probs

    Hi everybody
    Just got my Drivekey V2 (Yellow sticker) today and it works great except for NSMB. It just goes to black screen when trying to load. according to the makers of drivekey and some youtube videos it should work. I dont know what firmware the wii is on cause when i bought it It was semi-bricked and i can't get to the menu.
    I have have the update blocker on "Import" cuz i heard that 4.2 wont let you play import games no more, so i wont risk that.

    Please help, i really want to try this game. Reminds me of when i was just a little super mario nerd playing on my NES

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    set the Drivekey to autoboot, use wiibrickblocker to patch your backup, then reburn. should be fine after that

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    I have tryed that but no luck. the screen still just go black. Can you recommend a copy that is sure to work?

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    Weei i got it working
    I got myself a unpathced/Untouched copy and made the update to 4.1U. In the middle of the update i got an error and for a couple of seconds i thought my wii was ruined. But then i restarted it and everything works
    My wii is no longer semi-bricked and both my PAL games and NTSC games are working.. WUUHUU

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