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Thread: Best loader to play alt dol from hdd

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    Best loader to play alt dol from hdd

    Is is possible to play alt dol games(ie: Winter Sports Resorts) using an external hard drive, and if possible how do you load the alt dol to your hard drive and which usb loader is the best one to use, I use WBFS manager to load my game iso's to my hard drive and play games via usb loader gx(latest version)

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    You loader should have an option for alt dol loading, if you set this to 'disc' you will get a list of available .dol files, and be able to choose which one you want to load.

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    Davepm> >>so how would I put a dol file on an external hdd that has been formated with WBFS, as WBFS manager will only let me load the game iso and the not the extracted dol file, is there a step i'm missing...thx


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