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Thread: Is there a hack / homebrew that enables...

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    Is there a hack / homebrew that enables...

    Is there a hack or homebrew that enables to use of pc based games on the nintendo wii... wanted to play one of my old favys (Stonekeep by interplay) but thought it would be great on the wii

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    I would think it would require a PC Emulator, may the following is what may be needed

    PC Engine Emulator for Wii - Nintendo-Scene

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    I succesfuly installed and started the game using dosbox 1.7 for wii. But I haven't been able to make the gameplay smooth enough to be played. You will need ; 1 USB or sd card with at least 1 gig. ( dosbox must be installed on the same drive as the game drive) ex : I had to reinstall dosbox on my usb drive ( press 1 on wiimote to switch from sd to USB ). A game copy ( 1 folder named game and one named cd). Mount game folder to S: ( mount s USB:/game ). Mount cd to d ( mount d USB:/cd -t cdrom ) load setup. Full install. Load setup. Auto detect sound card. Set video to low quality or the intro will be to choppy) ( don't test video in setup) it will result in a crash ). Load sk. Button mapping default are great. A is left hand B is right. Move with keyboard arrows. Please let me know if you find a dosbox.conf that allow playable gameplay. Feel free to respond if you need more info such as game download site or help with mount command ( of course you'll need a wired usb keyboard to input command) of course you need a game copy to legally download from the site. ( Which I do with original box nonetheless )

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    might run with scummvm try checking there 2

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    Scummvm is for point and click. Stonekeep is a first person dungeon crawler.


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