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Thread: Pre-Modded Wii- WIIKEY INSTALLED

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    Thumbs up Pre-Modded Wii- WIIKEY INSTALLED

    Like New Nintendo Wii...Only used a hand full of times. Bought it back in Aug of 2007 and only played it with friends.

    Package Includes:
    2 Nuncucks
    2 Remotes w/recharable battaries and docking station (Nyko)
    Wireless Sensor Bar (Nyko)
    Regular Sensor Bar
    HD Cable
    Regular Cable
    Gamecube controller
    Guitar Hero Controller

    Guitar Hero with Guitar
    Wii Play
    Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Need for Speed: Pro Streets with Steering Wheel Controller

    Just Ask!

    If you don't know what a mod chip is then look it up. This Wii can play Dvd's etc...

    WiiKey Installed in December (Updated with Latest Firmware) :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip

    You can contact me at with questions or if you would like to see it.

    Currently asking 350 for everything. Contact me with any questions either through my email or PM me.
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