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Thread: Need help with SDL MAME Wii

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    Question Need help with SDL MAME Wii

    Ok I've been trying to get this to work for hours and I can't gt it to work. There's no tutorials on the internet nothing. Nothing tells you how to set it up. So it would be highly appreciated if any of you could help me. (i beleive that the full name and ver. # is SDL mame wii 0.4)

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    It does not work very well anyway. Very few games play normaly.

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    Smile might be of help

    yah i downloaded the arcade emulator that your talking about so i could play the simpsons arcade game. i was trying to unzip the game, and put the peices into the games folder instead of just putting the zip file in the folder(like i should have). so if thats ur prob dont unzip the zip just put the zip file on ur sd and the and the mame emulator should read it... hopefully that will help you.. also if u have another issue. it may help u that mame emulator was previously released for computer and there is a guide for that. thats where i found my answer, when i was looking.. so if my answer dont help search google for the pc mame emulator guide and that should answer your question.

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    Talking SDL mame wii

    I have tried it on my wii but the control's were either wii mote and the classic controller did not work on it..Game's were on but very slow..

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    i play Streetfighter 2 world warriors & red wave, & the loading times & gameplay are just fine for me. you can use the classic controller & config the controls in the options too firedrake! Try d/loading roms from different sites cause some work on some but the same roms dont work on other sites
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    Hope ive helped, in return please help me & push that "THANKS" button

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    nonworking roms disguised as rompath errors

    went in a lot of circles before putting a common, known-working game to the test. i know there's some documentation included that explains this very thing, but I expect it will cause people who don't comb through each and every text file to be misguided in their efforts to make unsupported games work.

    a prompt saying "we found the rom, but we can't play it. sorry" would be nice.

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    I've spent A LOT of time with DSL MAME Wii and I don't get it?

    Edit: I think I get it. You want a compatibility list like the one I've spend hours upon hours testing thousands of ROMs to create that list every supported ROM for the Wii? Like the one in my sig.
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