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Thread: rockband 2 downloadable content issue

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    Ca rockband 2 downloadable content issue

    hey everyone, i apoligize if this was posted somewhere else and resolved, as i searched and could not see the issue resolved anywhere or if it even can be.

    i have rockband 2, i have it in usb loader as well as a burnt copy which i play through neogamma 7, and both ways am having the same issue, i have used the hack, for in the music store to have all songs show as purchased so i can redownload them, but anytime i download a game it saves it to the wii memory and does not transfer to the sd card, i have manually transfered it over but still when i play the game and any of the downloaded songs they show up back on my wii memory, and is very memory consuming.

    does anyone know a fix or work around for this? any help would be appreciated


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    There isn't one yet.


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