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Thread: wii hd sooner than later?

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    wii hd sooner than later?

    so i have been looking for a wii, but nobody has any instock. sears had a flier but when i called they said they hadent recieved there shipment from nintendo because they are getting hd wiis ready
    has anyone else heard about hd wiis?
    i know there a lots of rumors from years ago anything current?

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    Release is not until next year.

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    they need it, PS3 has much better graphics on a HDTV

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiimaster4eva View Post
    Release is not until next year.
    Yep! I heard same!

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    I hope it will up-scale the old 480p games to 1080p like the latest DVD players.

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    i also hope it doesnt cost 299 like a ps3 i think they need to stay below 200
    it was funny when i called sears she said they were on backorder and they expected a shipment for their flier they advertised but nintendo hadnt shipped due to them making hd ones and she then said they expect a bunch in the next week or two, and i asked if they will be hd adn she said yes and we hung up. i then called agian to ask how much the hd ones will be and the new lady denied any such claim and had no further information.
    it would be curious to see what comes in in the next week as i said no one has them instock right now i wonder(hope) if nintendo is phasing out the older ones getting ready to bring in hd ones?

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    You most likely talked to someone who didn't know what their talking about. Or they were bored and messing with you.

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    sounds like when my mother was calling Walmart about the availability of a certain model of TV that she was going to buy for Christmas

    If she called 3 times she got 3 different answers, so we finally went to the stort to see for ourselves

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    Their all over ebay for 989.00 dollars and no one on line has any wii's at all!! NO ONE at least at 199.00

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    I would definitely PASS for nearly $1,000
    Unless it came with a 40" Plasma 1080p

    I saw some kind of deal like that with Sony, the PS3 along with a huge TV & the surround sound system for about 1k USD


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