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Thread: SNEEK v2 - Pre-made SD light installations

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    SNEEK v2 - Pre-made SD light installations

    These should help people get SNEEK running. Please report back on how you get on. Backup your NAND and SD card first.

    Just extract one of these archives to your SD card. You should end up with the following folders in the root of your SD card: apps, bootmii, import, meta, shared1, shared2, sys, title, ticket, tmp.

    Inser the SD card into your Wii. You will need bootmii installed to your Wii to get sneek running. If you only have bootmii as IOS then you will need to go to HBC and choose "Launch Bootmii". Otherwise, if you have Bootmii as boot2 then just turn on your Wii with the SD card inserted to launch SNEEK.
    SNEEK3xEJUK-light.7z (All)


    [spoiler]This pack contains a very light SNEEK installation. Here's an example of the readme included with each archive

    <<< SNEEK Side >>>
    Bootmii folder
    boot2.bin (with read from SD enabled, and usb gecko output disabled)

    <<< Wii Side >>>
    Systemmenu vXXX (3.XX)
    IOS30 v1040
    IOS35 v3349
    IOS36 v3351
    IOS61 v5405
    cIOS249 v7
    HBC 1.0.6
    DVDX v2
    HBC Installer Channel (see Note 4 below)
    setting.txt (XXX)

    <<< Apps >>>
    GrabDeviceCert (cannot be run successfully from SNEEK)

    <<< Notes >>>
    (1) boot2.bin has been modified to have SD access (any homebrew that attempts
    to write to SD will crash)
    (2) setting.txt is a XXX version, modified to give a serial number of 555555555.
    See /title/00000001/00000002/data/setting_decrypted.txt for details.
    (3) HBC will show a scam screen until you follow the instructions in
    '/sys/device.cert.txt' (or see Note 4 below)
    (4) If you want HBC to work with your Wii serial number then use the "HBC
    Installer Channel". First, delete HBC using ShowMiiWads or AnyTitle Deleter.
    Then place boot.elf from the HackMiiInstaller into one ofthe following locations
    (Will not work on USA version of systemmenu):
    (i) usb:/boot.elf
    (ii) usb:/apps/hackmii_installer_v0.6/boot.elf
    (iii) sd:/boot.elf
    (iv) sd:/apps/hackmii_installer_v0.6/boot.elf[/spoiler]
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    And what is SNEEK????

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    spend hours on this

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    Quote Originally Posted by piratecaptain View Post
    And what is SNEEK????
    click on search in menu above, type sneek into search box, select search titles only, hit search now.

    Please remember your manners - say Thank You if someone helped , it doesn't hurt

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    Any chance of updating this? I've tried compiling SNEEK with just crazy errors. A USB and SD version would be cool, if you can. I really want to try out the USB NAND emulation.

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    I haven't had chance to try the new UNEEK yet and won't have time for a while. Maybe someone else can help?

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    For those of you who do not know what sneek is, I searched on google and here it is:

    "SNEEK allows you to run your Wii NAND / ES completely off your SD, so no more worry about the space you have left on your Wii."

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    I dumped all the files to my sd card, put it in my wii and booted up.
    None of my remotes would work - started getting very nervous. I figured out I had to re-synch the ir wireless, and then they worked.
    Got to the title screen which shows hbc and sneek hbc (red water).
    I tried to launch sneek hbc and it showed a launch screen for 1/10th of a sec, them went back to the starting channel screen of hbc and sneek hbc.
    I tried launching the hbc channel and it gave me the scam nag. pressed '1' to continue and it got me to the 3 apps on the card.

    FYI I have previously HBC successfully installed on the wii and also have a working drivekey hardmod.

    Any ideas what to try to get this to work?

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    OK - I figured out I needed to load wads onto the SD using showmiiwads and they show up after booting with my SD card.
    However, when I try to play them, they try for 5 seconds, and then take me back to the channel page.
    I thought I might need to upgrade my firmware, since this nand is on 3.2e and my real nand is on 4.2u.
    The wii can find the wireless connection, but when I try to do a test connect it says WII ERROR CODE 110210

    Any ideas?

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    I got it to work.
    I dumped my own NAND from my wii running on 4.2u and put the nand on my computer
    Then I copied your SNEEK32E-light files to my SD card
    Then I extracted my NAND to my computer hard drive (check out Creating a NAND backup for SNEEK here
    Then I copied (merged) my extracted NAND files onto the SD card as well
    Then I used showmiiwads 1.4 to extract some WADS to the DS card -see step 4 here
    Popped the SD into the Wii
    Booted up (it took awhile, may 2 mins - I almost gave up and turned it off)
    Press A
    Then it showed all of my real NAND channels plus the ones I extracted from the WADS
    All the channels work great!
    Watch a video of the finished product here YouTube - Wii Sneek Demonstration
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