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Thread: only first game will load

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    Unhappy only first game will load

    hi been stuck on this for 2 weeks now and hope someone can help .........softmod 4.1 system neogama r7 249 rev 17 ...222 r4 223r4 ......32 gig thumb drive .....every single backup game works fine from disc but no matter what i do only the first game i add to the thumb drive works from any usb loader.......HAS ANY ONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM please help

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    There was similar tread and solution was:

    Format USB HDD to FAT or NTFS(try both)and then format it again to WBFS.

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    thanks for the up but i tried both loads of times ...i re format load game and alls fine but any subsequent games wont work ....but thanks again for the reply .......this must be a tricky one

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    Format to FAT32 using a proper formatter:


    Install the games to the USB drive via USB Loader using the Wii, not the PC.
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