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Thread: No More Heroes 1, Blood.

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    Smile No More Heroes 1, Blood.

    Hi, I have an ISO of No More Heroes part 1, and it is PAL. I understand that the NTSC version is more violent and bloody, therefore I was wondering if I used regionfrii to convert NMH PAL version to the NTSC version would I get the more violent game? And would I also need to use wiibrickblocker?

    I have tried to find NMH NTSC on newsgroups, but it's over a year old, and getting article not found.

    ***Just for info the PAL version of NMH2 that will be released in the UK will be uncensored, whereas the German and Australian ones will be censored.***

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    ......That is a facepalm.... Even if you change the region to NTSC, the contents (coding and program) of the disc is still the same. It won't magically add more gore and violence to the game.
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    Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the response thucncao.

    Is it against the rules of the forums if I were to trade one of my collection of ISOs for an NMH NTSC ISO?

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    Hi, I have obtained No more Heroes 1 NTSC version. I've ran it using USB loader GX, and get a green screen. I've heard that I have to do something with one of the settings within USB loader GX to get it to work, anyone know where this setting is?

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    In USB Loader GX change the video mode to force PAL, since it is an NTSC iso

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    I sorted it out, it was a patched ISO I had used previously. I obtained an original NTSC ISO, and that worked.


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