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Thread: games playing in black and white

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    games playing in black and white


    i have a small problem i have the neogamma , and i load my back up games through it but the thing is that the game plays in black and white, i think its because my wii plays NTSC , and most of my backup games are PAL , could anyone tell me how i could play these games in color, also i did try to put more for the videos launch in the gamma settings but it still didnt work.

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    Try changing the settings in your loader to force the video to your region.
    Or get a newer verion of neogamma

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    How many posts are there going to be on this?

    Look at what WiiPower says
    Region free gaming:

    Most if not all games from other regions should work, the only known problem is that about 50% of them only run the in the video modes of the region the game is from.

    Requirements to get import games working:
    - Use the video mode from the region of the game, in SoftChip and NeoGamma it's disc region video mode
    - Some games require that you force the language that is used in the game(example japanese for japanese games...)
    - Some games require to enable the option „Contry String patching“ (in for example NeoGamma or SoftChip)

    If the game works with this, but in black and white and/or with jumping screen, it's working. If you search for help somewhere mention this!!!

    How to fix color issues:
    Get NeoGamma, and try the different Force Video mode options and patch video mode options. Note that it does only work for about 50% of the games that result in a green screen freeze when started with the wrong video mode.

    PS: Most region patchers are epic failures, and cause more trouble to get the game(s) to work than unpatched


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