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Thread: sega 32x games on Wii?

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    Unhappy sega 32x games on Wii?

    Well, I got the Genesis plus on my wii, and I tested out .smd files and they worked great, but I wanna get knuckles chaotix (probably my favorite 2d sonic game) to work on it... I tried both .32x and .bin files, but it just hangs at the black screen.

    Anyone know a way to make 32x games work?

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    well, my tip is to google some more:P

    just try many types
    maybe it will work to the end

    be carefull with ntsc and pal versions

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    I know that I shouldn't bump this, and I'm sorry, but I'd like to know this as well.

    Are there any 32X emulators out there for the Wii I could use?

    If not, then we should totally try to drum up support for one.


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