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Thread: No More Heroes 2 hanging in-game Loading screen.

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    No More Heroes 2 hanging in-game Loading screen.

    I've been playing NMH2 lately with my PAL wii and I haven't encountered any problems till I got up to a certain level within the game and when I load this level, the loading screen just hangs. Strangely I can still interact with it. (In NMH2 if you keep pressing B it makes the spinning star spin faster) The wii is still on and if I hit the wii menu button it has the logo that says I can't. I left it loading for 5 minutes and I'm still stuck on the loading screen.

    Anyone know how to fix this? This is running off a retail disc.

    UPDATE: I left it for an hour now, and no results. Still hanging. I also made a back up and ran it via USB. Same results.
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    Is this a hardmodded wii?

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    Yeah, it is hard modded with a D2All.

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    load the level. when it "hangs, remove the disc, it should ask you to install the disc again, re-insert it.


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