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Thread: SD card problems Need Help Fast!

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    Unhappy SD card problems Need Help Fast!

    For some stupid reason I shut my laptop with my SD card still in it (this has never been a problem before) and went to town when I came back my SD card is now write protected and I can't put anything on it! It is really pissing me off and I don't know how to remove the write protection but I really need to be able to work with my SD card again....if I format the card will it fix it? Please help!

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    It's a well known phenomenon, a google search might help you,

    micro sd card remove write protection - Google Search

    Try putting your card name first into the search box to get more positive hits for your brand.
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    It got fixed now...but thank you for your advice...turns out this little grey thing on the SD card caused it to lock but I still don't know how it happened in the first place...

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    lol, that little grey thing is called, wait for it, have you guessed it yet, it's gonna kill you, ok, drum roll.........

    The lock/unlock switch, no honest, it really is
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    yeah I didn't even know that switched existed until's so small...
    but mine wasn't locked in the first place but after locking it and un locking it, it started to work again

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