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Thread: I am the jackass. koo koo kachu

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    I am the jackass. koo koo kachu

    So I got a 2 gig micro sd card with adapter to allow the transferance of cellphone pics to Photo Channel. I tried to put in the micro card while the adapter was in the slot and I missed. so now the micro card is rattling around inside my wii. No real easy fix to this I assume but to buy a new micro card. anyone have any advice, insults? and Yes, I have acknowledged my Jack-assery.

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    Sorry, but

    Shake, rattle n roll till it drops out?

    For me, it would annoy the hell out of me knowing it was inside just waiting to get out, and I would do anything to get it out before buying another one, however, breaking warranty might just be a step too far for some.

    You can buy the little cards on their own rather than a card & an adapter, may be worth considering?
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