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Thread: Modding an already modded wii?

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    Modding an already modded wii?

    Hi i have a friend who bought a softmodded wii about 2 years ago, i wanna put the new softmod on it but i need to know if i have to make it a virgin again. Can i just put on a dogeggs new mod like i use and overwrite everything? We have no clue what mod went on it but it wont load any new games that i use on mine. Will it just overwrite it with all the new mods or does that old softmod need to be removed first? Also on a side note i have a backup of my nand, would that work on any wii or are they specific to each wii?

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    You can update the Wii via Nintendo to make it a virgin and re-mod it or you can follow this guide and re-mod it.

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    Do not do an online update through nintendo. 4.2 is horrible. If you want to get upto date simply follow the guide by dogeggs in the tutorials section on safely updating to 4.1 with homebrew still working, install cios38rev17, get some up to date loaders like neogamma rev8 and the latest usbloaderGX, and if any games give you a black screen when you try to load make sure you have the ios they need installed. Tealc has a guide to figure that out.


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