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Thread: Where can if find WADS for emulators

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    Where can if find WADS for emulators

    I've been searching and searching and without signing up for the millions of download sites that google has found stuff on I found WAD's for the nes, snes, sega ms and USB Loader GX apps. I'm now trying to find them for sega genesis, sega saturn and mame. I think that's all I'm going to have on this thing. Thanks

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    Google! Haha no really, all of them are there if you look hard enough. Torrent sites have alot of them as well.

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    Ah Really I was hoping somebody had nice collection with cool Banner's and stuff. Alright I'll keep searching thanks.

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    you might find that on other sites but not here as it is againt the rules.

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    WAD's are against the rules? I know this site doesn't promote pirating and all that but of course we all just assume that we own the games we are playing.

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    Read the rules of the site and you will know what I mean. However, some members will provide you links but as I said its best to just search for the ones your looking for.

    Hope this helps.

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    Go to DarkUmbra(DOT)Net
    Yes, you do have to sign up but I have a post there with about 100 different channels for a crazy amount of apps/emulators.
    There's also other threads from other members that have a crazy amount on channels as well.
    It's worth the sign up.


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