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Thread: neogamma blackscreen

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    Question neogamma blackscreen

    hello people,

    i'm new here on this forum and i'ts great.
    (sorry for by bad english)

    I have a problem with my neogamma r7 rev 14??
    wenn i go and click the channel i got a blackscreen, and normally works neogamma just fine for me.

    my firmware is 4.1e, the problem begon wenn i installed hermes 222v4.

    Install Custom IOS 222 and select IOS38 merged with IOS37 and
    IOS 223 and select IOS38 merged with IOS60 , this is what i have done.

    then i installed configurable usb loader, and after that i have the problems.

    next i reinstalled some things but it won't work.

    hope somewone can help me with this problem.

    thank you

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    i was forgot something to tell you(sorry), i installed priiloader also

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    it's working now, i have tried pimp my wii 1.3 and it works again


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