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Thread: IOS 222 not working with m-load

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    IOS 222 not working with m-load

    I have a seagate portable hard dirve which is parrtitioned into 4 using windows.

    Two of the partitions are wbfs formatted and when i try to play a game on the 2nd wbfs partition the confurable usb loader said i had to run in ios 222/223 but when i load it in IOS 222 it stops loading and the game will not play.

    I tried loading a game on the first wbfs partition with ios 222 but it will not work either, ios 249 works for on the 1st partition still.

    P.S i don't really want to reformat my drives to create a bigger wbfs one because it takes ages and i don't think i have enough room any way.

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    Why 2 wbfs partitions? Have you that many games?

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    I had 1 wbfs partition originally which was about 100 GB this then got full so i made another partition of about 30GB and added the games to this then.

    I have a load of games as because they are for a lot of people, like little brother and friends.

    I have about 40 games on the 100GB partition and 3 on the 30GB partition.


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