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Thread: Nintendo power subscription

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    Nintendo power subscription

    So on Dec 15 I took advantage of the Nintendo power subscription with the Zelda TP game guide and I already got it today. My confirmation email stated I would get another email when it had been processed which I never got so I wasn't expecting this any time soon.

    Pretty pleased to say the least. I don't use the guides much but for 12 issues of the magazine plus the guide (which is 20 bucks CAD anyways) & a soundtrack I couldn't resist for only 27.95 CAD.

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    I like Nintendo Power and have all of the issues from number 1 to current. They have changed alot over the years though and have become one big advertisement. I miss the walkthroughs and the section where they would list the secret codes and tricks for the games. I suppose with the invention of the internet there is no need for the news to be in the magazines but they are not the same for me as they used to be.

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    Eh.. Nintendo Power was the first videogame magazine I ever subscribed to but as I got older I sort of enjoyed EGM and GameInformer more because they cover all of the consoles for about the same price. So now I did not re-new my subscription and probably won't just because I don't have many of Nintendo's recent systems (Only DS) and there are just better magazines out there in my opinion.


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